SmarterMail and SBS 2011
Question asked by Case Price - June 16, 2015 at 1:22 PM
I am trying to find out if anyone has experience getting setup with SmarterMail running on a 2011 SBS box with Exchange. I understand the ideal would be to preserve the SBS default directory (and all the SBS related services/features) and create a virtual directory for SmarterMail to operate. But it seems the newer versions of SmarterMail no longer work under a VD and need to be established as their own IIS site. The client has another domain being serviced by the Exchange server and doesn't want to change those employees from the current setup but has a need to host email for other (lots of them) employees under a different domain. Is there a clean way to setup SM with alternate ports and still retain the SBS default site so all features remain working? Any guidance would be helpful. 

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PORTS cannot be shared on the same IP ADDRESS.

So long as you setup SmarterMail on a separate IP address, you should be able to make it all work together.
Remember, whether you have a public IP address on the SBS server, or you are running a STATIC DHCP address and using NAT and mapping to a public IP address via your router or firewall, you must have a separate PUBLIC IP address as well.
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I think you should run Smartermail on a different server. Smartermail deserves it's own server, especially one that is not also running another email server.

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