The New AV with V14 Effeciency
Question asked by Michael Luer - 6/15/2015 at 12:25 PM
Wow I have to say I have seen a 1000 fold increase in the number of files quarantined by AV.  I have over 150 files in the last 12 hours.  I would normally be LUCKY to get 4 to 10 a week in the past.   I just wanted to see if you guys are experiencing this as well.  Is it finally working correctly or is it just stopping things without validation.   The change is this significant is why it makes me ask this question.
I also think in the past that most of these emails generally get caught in the spam filter and have never made it out before based on who's sending them etc. 
Also do these emails get deleted after the quarantine period or do they get released ?

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Joe Wolf Replied
The plain vanilla install of ClamAV is not very effective. Starting with SM 14 you're using ClamAV + ClamSup signature updates. This makes ClamAV much more effective at catching viruses, malware, etc. At the end of your virus quarantine period the messages are automatically deleted.

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