Smartermail Services not running after Update v14
Problem reported by Juhair Abdurahiman - 6/13/2015 at 7:18 AM
Smartermail services (except SYNCML) not running after update to version 14. 
Reinstalled 3 times but same result. 
Can anyone suggest the solution for this problem. 

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Bruce Barnes Replied
Try re-validating your license and then start the services.
This also happens when someone is using a "free" version and they have more than 1 domain or more than 10 users defined, both of which are hard-coded limits without having a license.
Because of the hard-coded limit of 1 domain and ten (total) users, if a license is not properly installed and validated, none of the services will start.
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Juhair Abdurahiman Replied
Thanks Bruce Barnes... Its worked after re-activation.... thank you very much...
Shaun Sizen Replied
Cheers Bruce saved my skin (again!!). The re-activate did it, I recall that happened a while back on an upgrade, best I remember or better still SM put it as part of their install guide as its clearly some sort of bug (or feature as we call them!!)
Thanks again
Larry Rampenthal Replied
reinstalled new version 15 3 times and the services would not start... after reactivating it was fine.... thanks for the post. Maybe this should be in the install instructions???? I am sure the install was good the first time around but wasted a bunch of time trying to get the services to work.

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