Users still cannot set Calendar default for new events... Ridiculous.
Problem reported by Joe Wolf - 6/12/2015 at 11:36 PM
In the web interface or via CalDAV a user can set the default calendar view and response.  On the SM 14 you can set the default Calendar view, but if you're looking at a Domain wide calendar and hit New to create event it puts it on your personal, My Calendar.  This is ridiculous.  When a user hits New it should default to the Calendar they were viewing.
I've suggested this at least three times and it needs to happen NOW.  Why do you INTENTIONALLY confuse users?  It makes no sense.
Set the default New event to the Calendar the user was viewing.  Very simple.  Just do it!!!!

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Joe Burkhead Replied
Wish I could up-vote this 1000 times! Very frustrating for our users. We continue to have new events created on the wrong calendar.
Joe Wolf Replied
I get so frustrated over issues like this. Many uses don't use a personal calendar at all... only their domain wide or company calendar. So they're looking at the one and only calendar they use (the domain wide one) and decide to Add a new Event. It is only common sense that it would add that new Event to the calendar you were looking at, but that's not how SmarterMail works. It adds the new event to your personal calendar (which you may never even see). So the result is that we get many calls saying "when I add a calendar event it doesn't show up". We have to go thru the process of telling them that they have to manually select the domain wide calendar, etc.

The truth is that not only would I like to see the default New Event to the calendar being viewed it would be nice to be able to disable the personal calendar completely. Little things like this cause hours and hours of support time and we have to agree with the end user that the way it works is illogical, adds a step they have to remember to take, and just doesn't make sense. Problems like this have no business being in a mature product like SmarterMail.
Thanks, -Joe
Joe Burkhead Replied
The option to disable the personal calendar entirely would get my vote as well. I also have users who only use the domain wide calendar. The personal calendar is just confusing to them.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
With the next minor release of SM 14 (tentatively scheduled for 18 June), the user will be able to select which calendar is their default calendar for new events.  This can be accomplished from Settings | Calendar Settings | Calendars tab and editing the desired calendar.  There is a new checkbox option "Default."

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