Unlock user locked by a throttling rule
Idea shared by Giuseppe Paris - 11/21/2014 at 4:29 AM
Under Consideration
Is there a way to unlock an user locked by a throttling rule?

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Giuseppe, currently being locked by a throttling rule is time based.  There is no way to manually unlocked them.  This is a reasonable request, however, so I have added that option to unlock blocked users to our features request list for further consideration in a future release.  I am changing this from a Question thread to an Idea thread.
Hi, We are with the same problem. We have a client blocked by to many bounces. We check that is was "normal situation" and we cant unlock the user. We are using the version 13. Regards, Sérgio Rocha
I found this thread today because I had the same problem.  Eventually I was able to unlock the user by going to services on the server are restarting the "SmarterMail Service" entry.  This unlocked the user.
Yes its true but its not an option stop the all service to unlock one user. Stop the service will cost us at least one hour replying to emails and alot of phone calls. Should exist a list to unlock like ids block list
This is not a good option, just a way to get them unlocked. I agree that there should be place to unlock the user or domain without resorting to this extreme measure.

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