Disposable email address in SM 14
Question asked by Joe Burkhead - 6/10/2015 at 6:02 AM
Well, I must be really dense...I cannot figure out how to use the disposable email address functionality in SM14. I can create a disposable address, no problem there. But how do I then send an email using that address? Is that even possible, or is the purpose of that address limited to just using it as a sign-up address on a website? Anyone know?

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Bruce Barnes Replied
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You cannot send from disposable addresses at this time, only receive.
Note that the initial time on a disposable address is only one hour.  That time can be extended up to 24 hours, and further extended prior to the expiration of the address.
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Scarab Replied
Basically, Disposable Addresses are similar to Plus Addresses that have been in SmarterMail for years, the only difference is they have a definable expiration, preventing any email from being received at that address after expiration. The purpose is entirely for one-time (or daily) use when signing up for services, or when needing a password recovery from an external service, etc. so that you do not receive marketing spam from their service. Neither Disposable Addresses or Plus Addresses are intended for sending email from as that could/would be a source of abuse as a delivery method for Spoofed Spam.

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