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Question asked by CCWH - June 9, 2015 at 9:38 AM
Hello all,
I have just noticed that a couple of client's IP Addresses are being reported as located within the US, however they located in the UK.  After checking with external IP Geo locators all shows as UK registered.
Where does SM get the IP location details from, as they are incorrect?

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I've been seeing this frequently too, but with US IP Addresses showing up as Russian or Chinese, yet an external ASN lookup shows them as belonging to Charter/Comcast/TimeWarner IP Ranges. Smartermail gets these from the \Smartermail\Service\GeoIP.dat file. Not entirely sure but this may be the GeoIP Legacy Database from MaxMind, which is supposedly updated once a month by the MaxMind developers. I am pretty certain that SmarterMail doesn't automatically download these updates and only manually updates it with minor and major version updates to SmarterMail. If you aren't running v14 of Smartermail your version of the GeoIP.dat is definitely outdated (if it is the MaxMind GeoIP Legacy Database you can probably download a newer version, stop the Smartermail service, put it in your \Smartermail\Service\ directory, and restart the Smartermail service to update it yourself).
I agree SM should make this updateable if not through a Webservice (that can be manual invoked or auto once a month) at least have it available in their website to download.

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