Adding shared calendars to Outlook 2013
Idea shared by Kenneth Knudsen - 6/2/2015 at 11:43 AM
Now we are getting ready to host our customers email, we would like that the adding a shared calendar to outlook was redesigned just a little bit.
Now we need to log into the user account (impersonate) which calendar we want to add as a shared calendar. It makes it impossible for the current user to do this on their own.
It would be very helpful and help on resources if a given user could login to the webinterface (with his own credentials)and just put in the user account/email for which he wants to add a shared calendar. 
Of course the user with a shared calendar needs to have given the rights to the user....
I have read some choose Smartermail because they do not like Microsoft/Exchange, but some customers want some or all of the features MS has to offer. So why not make it possible for SM to get some of these customers?
I also read developers said it would impact server performance, but what if the different features could be enabled/disabled so we can customize the server to fit the needs?
We have some customers where we cant get their email business based on features not in SM (hopefully they will come?)

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