Does Smartermail 13.x+ run inside IIS virtual directory?
Question asked by CLEBER SAAD - May 28, 2015 at 7:39 AM
In older versions of Smartermail it's run in a virtual directory (ex: www.domain.tld/webmail).
In the new versions I'd like to know if works because in the URL (inside html) all objects (like css, javascript, etc) point to / always. 
Best Regards, Cleber

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Not arguing.. but  I have a domain...  mail.DoThis.Com = as an example.
That is the URL used.   But it is pointed to the MRS folder...  
It has own SSL so technically it is:
That is not a Virtual directory, as defined by IIS.  You could make it a virtual directory, if you want (I guess that is what you are asking?? - under IIS, to where  https://webmail.domain.tld/customerX. ; points to MRS.  
But, If you are doing an SSL . For example: https://webmail.domain.tld/customerX.
Then  webmail.domain.tld  would have to the SSL certificate.  I am not aware under IIS that you only the virtual directory would have SSL.
As a footnote.... would be curious how your AppPool is set up, if the SM web is ran a virtual directory.
I would think that you have to define it as a Virtual App not as a Virtual Dir
I don't think they would consider this a bug. If it worked in older versions and not now that doesn't mean much as Smartermail was not designed to run under a virtual directory.

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