MSSQL to MySQL conversion
Question asked by Linda Pagillo - 5/26/2015 at 2:14 PM
Hi everyone. I currently have a server running SmarterTrack Enterprise Version 10.6.5563.25560. We are using a MSSQL DB for this installation which resides on a completely different server than the SmarterTrack installation. My question is this... we would like to move our SmarterTrack DB to a different server than the one it is on and also convert it from MSSQL to MySQL. Has anyone out there completed this successfully? I called Smartertools support today and they said they do not support a conversion like this and it may break SmarterTrack, but they are not sure. I'm familiar with how to convert a MSSQL DB to a MySQL DB, however, I'm worried about the possible breaking of SmarterTrack. If anyone has done this successfully and has any advice or instructions, I'm all ears. Thanks!
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Mark McDonald Replied
Did you ever get this working? We're looking to do this same thing on v10.4
User Replied
Unfortunately no. The customer I was doing the work for decided to stay with MSSQL.

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