What AV on your SM Server do you use?
Question asked by CCWH - 11/21/2014 at 2:19 AM
Hello all,
As stated in the subject, I was wondering what AV do other SM admins use?  I have been running tests recently on our system and am unhappy the way ClamAV allows a large proportion of test viruses through.
We are an ESET partner but as ESET only have the ESET for Exchange option it looks like we must look elsewhere.
We obviously can look at Cyren Zero-Hour Antivirus, however it seems pretty costly.
Any thoughts?

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Bruce Barnes Replied
You can use any A/V on the server, so long as it does not access or scan any of the SmarterMail files. This is because of the constant file locking and releasing that goes on in the server. So you must either use Clamd, the free option; or the other licensed option from SmarterMail. You can also use a third party option, but, if its an external program, must be called from the command line tool in the A/V configuration of SmarterMail.
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Matthew Titley Replied
In years past I subscribed to the Commtouch AV add-in but then let it expire and have relied on the ClamAV scan. I, too, have realized that we get what we pay for in this regard. Just recently, I've tried to enable command line scanning with SEP (Symantec Endpoint) but I must have the syntax wrong. Guess I have to tinker with it a bit. I might just bite the bullet and renew the Commtouch/Cyren. I've noticed an uptick in virus attachments via email lately.

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