migration of a single domain from one SmarterMail to another SmarterMail
Question asked by Giovanni Zomer - 5/19/2015 at 4:36 AM
my question is similar but not exactly the same to "SmarterMail to SmarterMail Mailbox Migration";
we need to migrate a domain (140 email-adresses) from one smarterMail-server to another smarterMail-server (both professional version, maybe not the same smarterMail-version at the moment);
what is the best way to
> create automatically the users on the new server (with their complete configurations)?
> copy the actual mail-data from all the users (of this domain) to the new server?
we wouldn't like to create manually 140 email-adresses and the mail-retrieval from one server to another one doesn't work for so many addresses;
any ideas how to manage it a simpler way? filecopy is enough? which directory do we need to copy to the new server? is the configuration of the 140 users automatical, copying certain files to the new server? could there be version problems? should we install the new version on the old server?

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Matt Petty Replied
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Create a new domain on the destination server and match the domain name with your old one.
Turn off your SmarterMail on destination server
Copy and Paste all info inside of your domain folder into the destination domain folder, replacing all files.
Start your SmarterMail on destination server.

Hopefully that should work out for you.
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Giovanni Zomer Replied
wonderful, worked perfectly, thanks
Alain Néris Replied
I tried to do it the same way from Smarter Mail PRO 12.2 to Smarter Mail ENTERPRISE 14.2.
But, it has not been worked out for me. How can I do that ?
Thanks !
Paul Blank Replied
Not sure this would work, but how about stopping the SM service, moving the domain data, uninstalling and then reinstalling SM 14.x, and then restarting the service (if it doesn't start by itself)?
Alain Néris Replied
Thanks Paul. Good idea. But I have 223 domains. And I should therefore install a PRO 12 then move the domains and upgrade to ENTERPRISE 14... For the moment I have post a ticket. I am waiting for the Smarter Tools experts advices.
SpamHurts Replied
Wait don't send a ticket! Here is something we do that Matt Petty didn't mention. You migrate to new server. Then, search the domain, then Edit it. You must edit, and then reload, without saving. Then search the domain again. Then "manage" it. this will work!!
Another tip. I create the domain in the new server. Then I UNC to it. The I just make a copy in the same folder. That one will be call domain.com-copy. Then I go into the original, and I delete the files in that destination folder. I like a clean slate to migrate to. then  migrate. I use Rich Copy to migrate, but you don't need to.
The reason I do this, is, I have a copy of the "shell" if my migration fails. This has to be the simplest of SM tasks. Let me know if you need more help.
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Alain Néris Replied
Thanks for your help. In fact, thanks of Smarter Tools people help with ticket, Paul Blank was almost right. In 3 steps, stopping Smartermail service, copying domain data from one server to the other, and last but not least, adding this domain to the domainlist file. Then one can restart Smartermail service.

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