spam - declude & message sniffer or cyren
Question asked by Mike Saunders - 5/18/2015 at 11:50 AM
Hi Guys
Im considering my spam options and maybe using declude/message sniffer or cyren.
has anyone got any advice about what these 2 options are like and whats best... if at all??

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Martin Schaible Replied
We are using Declude and Message Sniffer since a decade without any problems. Declude ist quite flexible. You can add rules and filters as many as you like. Message Sniffer is the perfect add-on for Declude and the pricing is fair.
Joe Burkhead Replied
I cannot speak as to what is the best solution, but I can tell you that Cyren was a waste of our money. It is a poor attempt at catching spam at best.
Andrew Stein Replied
We have been using Declude and Message Sniffer for the past couple months. It has been extremely effective at catching all the spam the RBLs haven't. There have been a few false positives, so we are still tweaking, but overall we've been very pleased with this solution.

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