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Question asked by Mark Thrasher - May 18, 2015 at 11:43 AM
I have the SPAM parameters set pretty tight.... and it isn't filtering much at all.  I have set the default to go to the Junk Email box so I can monitor.... 50 junk email in the inbox.... 2 in SPAM!  Not quite sure what to do??  Do I need something like SpamAssassins, will it make a difference??  if so, what version do I need??

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Robert Emmett Replied
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Mark, I recommend reviewing Bruce Barnes' anti-spam settings documentation below.  It contains a lot of great information pertaining to SmarterMail anti-spam settings.  Many people have seen significant improvements in catching spam by adhering to it.
EDIT: MessageSniffer and SpamAssassin are also good 3rd party addons/apps that will help with catching spam.
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I click your link.... got a "runtime error"
I think I found it.... if it is 109 page document dated January 2015

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