TLS in SmarterStats ftp
Idea shared by Gary Steiner - May 16, 2015 at 11:02 AM
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I thought this had been discussed before, but I couldn't find any reference in the community threads.
Are there any thoughts about adding TLS to the SmarterStats ftp?

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SmarterTools seem a bit disinterested in making this happen, I suggested it here maybe 5 years ago. Opened a ticket about it last year and was told it was being worked on, coming soon etc, but a dozen releases later there is still no sign of it :(
In my opinion you'd be out of your mind to use plain text ftp service on a production server these days, it has to be ftps for PCI compliance and all around good security, but then SS can't fetch the log files for analysis.  This conspires to make SS, which we have used since v2, all but useless for our purposes.  Our old unlimited site license has been steadily downgraded to a 50 site license as ftps has become the norm, and our ability to actually use SS has diminished.  Pretty soon we'll have to  ditch it altogether if the developers don't wake up.
Andrea Rogers Replied
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This functionality is planned to be included in the next major version of SmarterStats. 

Andrea Rogers
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Seems to have been added in 11.x.

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