Smartermail Free as Backup MX
Question asked by Joshua Parker - May 13, 2015 at 12:54 PM
I have been attempting to setup a backup MX server for my existing smartermail install.  I have configured the new server and added DNS records to reflect the new server as well.  The issue I am running into is any mail sent to the server gets a 550 error no such user here response.  I have seen other threads with this issue but haven't been able to figure out what the issue could be.  On the backup server I have configured an incoming gateway, selected Backup MX as the mode.  I have selected Web Service as the user verification, checked the box to enable smartermail gateway mode and entered in the url and credentials for a system admin on the main server.  Any ideas where I went wrong?

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please refer to:
I had that exact problem.. it has been corrected since the last April.30.15 release.
Since that update, I haven't had that problem....
So are you wanting a backup server.. or gateway server?
We use SM (where applicable), as front-end gateway servers.  If you are doing that you have to set up 
Here are a couple of other articles.
Let us know how it goes...

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