Feature request : DELIVERY RECEIPT
Idea shared by Serge Morin - 5/11/2015 at 8:51 AM
it's possible to integrate the feature "Delivery receipt" on the smartermail.
My different clients and I have always worked with this function and since we changed to SmarterMail is no longer possible. So I would like to do with your team if you can integrated this feature in the next version.

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I'd like to second this request. We have numerous ex-Microsoft Exchange users who commonly request this feature. This is pretty much the one Exchange feature noticeably absent in SmarterMail.
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Serge / Scarab, thank you for putting forth this request.  We have this request already on our feature requests list for further consideration by the dev. team.
Robert, do you have ETA ?
To add here, could you look at adding a simple 'report' that's prints out a delivery status of every email that has successfully been delivered. I can't see this being too difficult as everything is logged anyways. Most cPanels have this feature where a user can view each email with a simple successful/unsuccessfull notice 
So would that be automatic ? For a read receipt the user has to approve it. would a delivery receipt be automatic ?
We just had a client come in and ask us to email out a legal document to someone that is notorious for not responding to emails (or sending read receipts)
I had an idea as i have seen on other "email delivery and tracking systems" where : if Smarter mail could imbed a small image, even a pixel, in an email, then if the pixel is displayed on a computer someplace it would tell that the email was at least viewed.  It would be like viewing a web page and the pixel could be encoded to be unique for each email.  That could let you know the date, time, IP address and even the number of times if the email(pixel) was viewed and if it was forwarded (different ip address ?)

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Outlook has the ability to have two different kinds of receipts sent back to the sender:
Outlook 2010 Receipts
Outlook 2010 DELIVERY and READ Receipts - Under OPTIONS
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The embedded image or pixel, in this case, is of course actually an embedded file of very short length, like 1 byte.  It's typical for mass-emailers, where the file name is a coded string for just that recipient.  When the sender sees that the file has been downloaded, it's considered "opened", even though, for example, it may only have appeared in the "preview pane" of an email client and was not actually looked-at.  Nonetheless, it can be helpful to the sender as a proof of delivery for legal and other reasons, hence the request. Thanks, Curtis.
BTW Mass-emailers usually encode EVERY link in an eblast, and associate it with a download, so that they can see which have been clicked-on and who made the click. This enables comprehensive reporting of statistics back to the sender.
And of course, if you look at the "mechanism" described, you will see that it can provide proof of delivery, but is never definitive proof of non-delivery.
Is there any news for this feature? Customers that I have migrated from Mailenable, Kerio Connect and MS Exchange are all complaining about this lack ...
Any news on that? There are many customers that are requesting it!
some of them have already asked us to change the system with one that supports it...
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Delivery receipts are slated for inclusion in SmarterMail 17.
Great news!!!
I'm really excited and look forward to the release of v.17 (and also a beta where you can test all the new features, especially the MAPI provider for Outlook ...)!
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The BETA is going on right now, if you'd like to participate. Please view the link below for information on how to get started with the BETA.

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In Build 6911 (Dec 3, 2018) we added a user account setting for "Request delivery receipts by default". When this is enabled, the user will receive a delivery receipt that verifies the delivery status for all outgoing messages sent via webmail and email clients. 

When composing a message in webmail, the delivery receipt request can be disabled for that individual message by using the Actions (...) button on the compose window. 

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