Your site is currently processing logs and data is unavailable - Error message after SmarterStats 10 configuration
Problem reported by Anass L. - 5/4/2015 at 10:37 AM
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Hello friends,
"Your site is currently processing logs and data is unavailable",does any one have an idea about how to solve this ?
I've got this message just after installation and configuration.
I have followed step by step the tutorial videos of installation and configuration, but without success. I cannot run webstats 10 on Windows Server 2012R2 in spite I rebooted the whole server, the unique thing I had modified, was the logs storage drive, instead of using (C:\)   I choosed (D:\).
Do I need to give a special permission access to the logs directory ?
I have had the same issue two years ago, then canceled using SmarterStats because found no solution, today I wanted to give it a try again maybe ...
Hope can find some help here.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello Anass,
Thanks for the inquiry. You should make certain that the log path has the set permissions for at least read, write, and modify. I normally suggest to make certain the Network Service account has Full control over the directory path of the logs.
You should have the SmarterStats application running through IIS and the Application pool set to the Network Service as well.  Make certain the Network Service account has full control over the SmarterStats folder as well.
If you have continued difficulties please consider opening a Support ticket so we may review the configurations.

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