Delete key on OSX Yosemite doesn't work
Problem reported by Brian Ellwood - May 4, 2015 at 9:48 AM
Being Fixed
Tested both Chrome and Safari, when I select multiple emails, the delete key does not work to delete mails whereas on Windows it does
Can't recall if the issue occurs on my super older Snow Leopard laptop but never-the-less this has stuck out as an interruption in my workflow

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So the issue presents itself when I'm on my MackBook Pro... The delete key does not work at all... When I'm on my Mac Mini which has a windows keyboard attached, the delete works just fine.
So, this may just be a key mapping issues BUT it would be nice if the software could detect and handle accordingly
Anyone else?
This community itself doesn't even support arrow keys or the delete key for navigation (unlike countless other websites) which makes me think that OSX platform testing isn't as thorough as it should be.
Would be nice to get an official word from the staff.
Robert Emmett Replied
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Brian, I have been able to replicate the issue using a Mac keyboard.  I have added this to our bugs list and marking this thread as Being Fixed.
Robert Emmett
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SmarterTools Inc.
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