Editing emails saved in drafts sub-folder
Idea shared by Apostol Nikolov - 11/19/2014 at 9:50 AM
Under Consideration
One of our clients has pointed out that if a draft email is put in the draft folder, it can be edited.
However, if it is placed in a subfolder in the draft folder, it can no longer be edited.
The Edit button is not even existing there.
We have double-checked this on different accounts and found it to be true.
Systems used: W8 & IE11 and W7 & IE9, W7 & Chrome etc.
Are you aware of this issue and is there any information in which SmarterMail release this should be fixed?
Thank you in advance!
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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Currently, SmarterMail is designed to solely save items to the root Drafts folder. If an item is moved to a sub-folder within Drafts, SmarterMail still only recognizes items in the root Drafts folder as having the ability to be edited. So, this isn't a problem per se as SmarterMail is working as designed.
Therefore, what I'm going to do is mark this as a Request and change it's status to "Under Consideration" as we would need to modify how the Drafts folder works to enable editable items in Drafts sub-folders.
Derek Curtis COO SmarterTools Inc. www.smartertools.com

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