Backing Up Smartermail Domains and Accounts
Question asked by Scarab - 11/18/2014 at 3:30 PM
Does anyone have any success or recommendations for daily backups of a moderate daily volume Smartermail server (@ 60K messages inbound & 35K messages outbound)?
We already backup our Smartermail configuration, but have found that most backup methods of domains and accounts using RSYNC never complete, being stuck in an infinite loop trying to keep up with the constant changes to accounts.
Setting up Archiving for all domains is an option, but it appears less than optimal if one needs to restore an accidentally deleted account or Inbox.
Just wondering how everyone else handles this.

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Eric Tykwinski Replied
We still use the robocopy method, I'm assuming it's about the same as rsync, and run about the same amount of email.
The only difference is that I keep 7 day folders to update, so I have a weeks worth of archives for changes. I've never had any problems with emails as only the active files will be excluded, and we keep 4 days rolling on the storage archives by default just in case.

Basically I can restore an Inbox from last night's backup and use the message archive to restore all emails from the backup to now. Past 4 days, they might miss one or two emails, but they should have paid for archival email if they wanted more.
Past a week they are SOL, but that's life.
Michael Lewis Replied
Eric - Do you have it configured as they suggest or have you found other settings better at handling the xfer?
My Other suggestions: http://bit.ly/segoideas
Eric Tykwinski Replied
Here's what I'm using:

REM Smartermail Domains
robocopy "M:\SmarterMail" "B:\Smartermail_domains\Monday" /MIR /LOG:"C:\_Backup\logs\Smartermail_domains_backup.log" /NP /NFL /TEE /R:2 /W:1 /A-:sh

REM Smartermail Config
robocopy "D:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail" "B:\Smartermail_config\Monday" /MIR /LOG:"C:\_Backup\logs\Smartermail_config_backup.log" /NP /NFL /TEE /R:2 /W:1 /A-:sh
Basically mirror, log without progress and no file names, retry twice with 2 second wait time, and don't set archive attribute.
ActorMike Replied
Unfortunately this doesn't work on 64-bit systems. I'm thinking about doing a command line script that stops the smartermail service and uses WinRar and then puts on dropbox.

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