Missing message-id and gmail.com
Question asked by Webio - 11/18/2014 at 5:41 AM
does someone experienced situation when email sent to gmail with missing message-id param has dissapeared or delivered after very long time? Few of my clients reported similar situation and I've checked this a little and message sent using webmail or smtp connection from Thunderbird had proper Message-ID attrib in header:
Message-ID: <546B3D79.5030005@MYMAILDOMAIN>
but message sent from simple C# code ended with Message-ID:
Message-Id: <546b3ae6.66aec20a.3fb1.ffffbaa1SMTPIN_ADDED_MISSING@mx.google.com>
on delivered message. Does someone heard about having missing Message-Id causing some problems? If yes then is there any chance to generate Message-Id by SmarterMail when message which is be sent does not have it?

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