Reverse DNS not found?
Question asked by Joseph Boo - November 17, 2014 at 7:43 PM
Dear all, l new here, l not very know about Reverse DNS problem. my smartelmail version is 13, so far l using almost a year and not any problem at all. But recenty when l send out one mail to my customer it show that my mail server don't have Reverse DNS,so the mail cannot send out to that cusotmer, the others is working Find.
Anyone here can tell me how to setup Reversa DNS in step by step. so far my dns alreday got mx record.
thank you in advance.
best regards,
joseph boo

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The reverse DNS is generally setup by the ISP who provides your static block of IP addresses.  You should contact them and request the proper rDNS mapping of the FQDN of the host which handles the SmarterMail traffic to the IP address you want the rDNS for as they are, generally, the only ones with the access and capability to modify the IN-ARPA database for their address block allocation.
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