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Problem reported by Craig Severance - 11/16/2014 at 7:10 AM
There are still some significant issues I have submitted through this interface for you to fix but still no fixes..
1. In the mobile interface the CC field only takes numbers
2. When you use mobile interface you have to completely login and navigate to inbox every time you want to read mail unlike the desktop version that will read your session cookie and take you directly to the inbbox. Please fix this in your next update so that you do not have to click 4 times to get to the inbox when using the mobile interface. 
3. Cannot click, on hyperlinks. they show up as text and it is extremely hard to copy and paste in mobile phones so please fix so that hyperlinks are activated.
I hope I see these updates in your next rev.
3 third time submitting these bugs.

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Employee Replied
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Craig, thank you for bringing these to our attention.
1. I have tested a couple of devices in the mobile interface, and I cannot replicate the issue with the CC field only taking numbers.  I was successfully able to send a test email to different addresses.  What device are you using?
2. This is more a feature request.  It is already on our feature request list for further consideration by the devs.
3.  I was able to replicate the problem with hyperlinks.  It has been added to our bugs list.
Joe Wolf Replied
Your CC issue only taking numbers is probably an Android keyboard issue. I've seen this before. To diagnose this have the user download "Google Keyboard" from the Play Store (it's free) and open that app and it will change the keyboard settings on the phone. This will probably solve the problem. They can always switch back to their other keyboard (you can multiple keyboards installed). The "Google Keyboard" will work on any Android device and is very basic. Many device manufacturers put their own keyboard on the device and I've seen them cause many problems (Samsung and LG usually).

Thanks, -Joe

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