SmarterStats 10.0 - just says "generating report" but never generates
Problem reported by Eric Schlange - 11/13/2014 at 11:12 AM
Just upgraded our install of SmarterStats to 10.0 (Enterprise), but when I try to view any reports I just get the "generating report" animation and no report ever comes up.
I sent an email report to myself and that came through fine.
Any ideas?

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Hi Eric,
I believe that was an issue in the initial SmarterStats 10.  It was fixed in a minor release.  Can you please uninstall your current build, and then install this version?
Eric Schlange Replied
Just did... still doing the same thing. Still says version 10.0... should it say something different? It looks like the file you sent me to is the same file I downloaded and installed a couple days ago (same file size at least).
Eric Schlange Replied
Any further input on this? I've rebooted the server, the service, re-installed it from the download... still nothing.
dean brown Replied
Any resolution to this - I have this problem now too (SS 10.2)
Bruce Barnes Replied
SmarterStats does not send reports unless you use port 25 in the SMTP settings.  If you try to encrypt the connection, using SSL, the reports fail.
SmarterStats still does not support TLS, which is now manditory, because all versions of SSL 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 have been depreciated and disabled in our software so we can pass our certifications.
Only TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are still allowed.  TLS 1.0 is still commonly enabled because, if it were not, most Android devices would not be able to connect.
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dean brown Replied
My issue isn't about sending reports - it never generates one - the webpage just shows "generating reports"
Doesn't matter which site I try (I have about 15 of them)
Stefan Francois Replied
We have the same problem, just upgrades to the latest version 10.4.5703 and when you open smarterstats it just doe not generate any report but says "Generating Report ..."
Diana Ventimiglia Replied
We're also experiencing the same issue and are on 10.2. It tends to happen with larger log files.
Sara Mannix Replied
ANy update on this?

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