Add to outlook calendar not adding meeting requests
Problem reported by digital.iway - 11/12/2014 at 3:08 PM
I am running outlook 365 with an IMAP account and Smartermail version 13.
I have my main outlook calendar DE-SELECTED and my smartermail calender SELECTED so only the smartermail calendar only displays. 
when a meeting request comes in and I accept it the request goes directly to my main outlook calendar NOT my smartermail calendar.
Now my question is how can I default all meeting requests to my smartermail calendar NOT the main calendar because this is causing issues for many of my clients?
Anybody else running into this?

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Joe Wolf Replied
I think this is a bug in 13.x since others have reported the same issue. I expect it would be resolved in the next minor release. If you want it now just open a ticket.
Thanks, -Joe
digital.iway Replied
I have upgraded to the latest release today of SM 13 and the issue is not resolved.  I did see the following post that was answered with the same problem: http://portal.smartertools.com/community/a553/outlook-2010-make-smartermail-calendar-my-default-calendar.aspx
If anyone has any ideas on this with possibly a third party app that would be great.  
I also know that if my client had outlook 2013 or better and an EAS account installed that it would interact with the main calendar and no need for "add to outlook"  basically solving the problem.  In this case the client is not going to EAS and I need to make this work.
William Philliber Replied
Was this ever resolved for Outlook 2010?  We're experiencing the same issue and users are very annoyed. Thanks.

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