Outside email id to be filtered in smartermail server email alias
Idea shared by Armen Arus - 11/11/2014 at 1:45 AM
Hi Team,
We have a email filtering rule in which if a email is sent from outside to that email alias then emails gets bounce back as per the rule
however there are certain email id in this email alias which are not a email id of the email mailbox created in smartermail but are email id of mailbox of other mail server which is not hosted in smartermail and these email id are getting the email sent to email alias which is configured in email rule
smartermail has a domain as abc.com
and there is a email rule configured in smartermail as if the email comes to pqr@abc.com then email should bounce back
however in pqr@abc.com which is a email alias has reciepeint of the mailbox which created in domain abc.com as
test@abc.com and testing@abc.com and it has a also a outside recipeient as tester@yahoo.com
now when a person from outside email id send email to pqr@abc.com the users test@abc.com and testing@abc.com don't recieve the email which is working correctly as per the rule however the email id
tester@yahoo.com is getting the email sent to pqr@abc.com
can you please assist us in way a through which even the email id tester@yahoo.com shouldn't be getting the email
for this i have created a ticket with smartermail and as per tech they said below
"The content filter at this time do not apply to an email that is off the server.  The reason for this is a content filter does not run until right before a local deliver.  Since the email address does not resided on SmarterMail there is no local delivery and no content fitter being ran"
Hence requesting this feature to be added in the coming upgrades and make available to all customer
Thank You

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