Feature Request: Global Postmaster and Abuse address...
Idea shared by Joe Wolf - 11/7/2014 at 6:43 PM
The RFC's require that every domain have a postmaster@domain.com and abuse@domain.com.  Whenever I create a new domain I have to go in and manually setup a Alias that points postmaster@ and abuse@ to me as the system administrator. 
#1  Since both of these are required they should automatically created when a new domain is added.
#2  Even if I add them as an Alias the domain administrator can change or delete them.
I would like both postmaster@ and abuse@ created when adding a domain and pointed to the system administrator... and could not be edited by the domain admin.  If the system admin wants the domain admin to receive a copy of any messages sent to those addresses the system admin could easily set up a content filter to do so.

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Great post and idea, Joe!
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A further step would be allow a template so that we can make all of our default aliases, and uses, on an account creation.
Good Idea , Hope SmarterTools implement this idea.
I concur!
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Joe, I have added this idea to our features request list for further consideration by the dev. team.
Great idea!
This one has been sat under consideration for a good few months... Any updates on this?
I agree creating these accounts on a few thousand domains is a pain in the ass
i guess no :*(
Been almost 3 Years now... Maybe it will be in Version 23...
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I agree
There's news about that?
There are a few related configuration settings that have appeared over some of the last several releases.  They do not necessarily offer 100% of what's described above - but its at least a step in the right direction and certainly an incremental improvement over what we had previously. 
Settings > Defaults > Domain defaults
        "Use primary domain admin as postmaster address if there is no postmaster account"
Settings >  General Settings > Server Info Tab    
        "Do not deliver postmaster messages at global level if handled at domain level"
Unfortunately as far as I can tell, neither feature is documented in the SmarterMail Online Help.  I assume that's probably at least one of the reasons that this thread hasn't seen any official updates.  
Many users would probably love to find out about these things someplace aside from the release notes, especially when a community member's forum post such as this has triggered a similar feature request.
It would also obviously be helpful if there was documentation in the expected location in the help file.  This would allow SmarterMail admins to better understand the expected behavior of new configuration options.
I suggest that the SmarterMail community (users and staff) would likely benefit if there was a bit more follow-up and "closing of the loop" from SmarterMail when it comes to these type of forum posts.  In this case the feature request is at least "partially underway" but nobody knows about it except for SmarterMail and those that discovered the checkboxes.
A little bit of communication really goes a long way.
Andrea Free Replied
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Hello everyone,
After much consideration, we have determined this functionality is not on our roadmap for SmarterMail. We do appreciate your feedback and thank you for your participation on this request. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


When i see that pretty much everyone in this thread (and others) are all like "Agree", "great idea !" "Great Post !"
Why was this declined ? 
Like several other posts recently that seem to get the exact same canned "declined" response, when in fact they have a lot of people requesting the fix or feature.

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