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Question asked by Vincent Allen - November 3, 2014 at 10:00 AM
We have a couple email accounts setup to forward email to a different domain; the email is then to be deleted upon forwarding. The thing is some email is not being forwarded and thus not deleted. The curious thing is much of this email is subscription-based (e.g. newsletters, promotional, etc.). I've looked at the headers on a few and it appears the recipient is clearly identified (as opposed to some generic distribution list), but again not all subscription-based email is failing to be forwarded.
Fortunately we still login to SmarterMail occasionally to check the spam folder, but I don't understand why this is happening.

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Go into the EDIT settings for your domain and under TECHNICAL check the setting for FORWARDING EXCLUSIONS. To allow forwarding for all email choose "No Restrictions - forward all mail". If set to "Do not forward Spam Level Low and above" or higher then it will not forward emails that are not passing Spam checks according to your Spam Settings.
This is a Mail Server Administrator option, so Domain Administrators and Account Users do not have access to this function as the primary purpose of this option is to prevent forwarding spam and having your Mail Server blacklisted.
As an Account User, the only alternative to contacting your Mail Service Provider would be to add the domains of the senders to your TRUSTED SENDERS list, which would allow them to be forwarded despite this Domain setting.

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