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Question asked by Brian Ebers - 10/30/2014 at 8:33 AM
Is the Active Directory Integration feature just for one time import of users or does it support real time authentication?  i.e. can you map a windows network user to a smartermail user and then the windows network password works for smartermail?
Thanks in advance.

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Steve Reid Replied
Brian Ebers Replied
Cool. Would anybody be comfortable sharing a real-life ldap connection string example for both regular windows server domain and SBS 2008/11? These are typically single domain installations with default AD structure. Of course the domains and hosts could be generic examples.

Also any hints on external DNS records needed for ldap service pointer? Scenario is public smartermail server with public IP address, private Windows Domain controller behind a firewall. I understand nat and firewall rules adjustments et al for poking hole in firewall to support the queries.

Thank you.

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