What Licenses needed for full Email AND Calendar Sync across multiple devices?
Question asked by CCWH - October 30, 2014 at 5:19 AM
Hello all,
As the Subject states, could someone confirm what licenses of SM are required to allow emails to be synchronised across multiple devices, such as Outlook 2010, iPhone and Android?
My thinking is that it needs SM Enterprise along with the Exchange ActiveSync add-on, however as it only mentions mobiles devices within the add-on purchase page I want to be sure.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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At this time, Outlook 2010 is not supported by either of the Exchange add-ons. However, with Exchange ActiveSync, you can have a native sync of email, calendar, contacts and notes and tasks (on supported devices) to smartphones, tablets, and Outlook 2013. With Exchange Web Services, you can have a native sync of emails, contacts, calendars and tasks to Outlook 2011 for Mac and Apple Mail. While Outlook 2010 cannot be synced via Exchange ActiveSync, this is the protocol I'd recommend for syncing to your iPhone and Android devices as this uses push technology to sync data in real-time.
For Outlook 2010, you could use an IMAP or POP connection to sync your emails. You can then use the built-in feature, Add to Outlook, to create a SharePoint connection for your calendar and contacts between SmarterMail and Outlook. One thing to keep in mind - using Add to Outlook does not create a native synchronization. Your contacts and calendars would be displayed in their own separate location within Outlook. 
The help article, Synchronizing with SmarterMail, gives a pretty in-depth overview of the syncing options. You may also find the KB article, Syncing with SmarterMail, to be useful.
I hope this helps!
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Robert Emmett Replied
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Mark, there is a bug with the link functionality.  I've reported it to the SmarterTrack team.  In the mean time, here's the URLs:
Synchronizing with SmarterMail
Syncing with SmarterMail
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