Mcafee and Clamav
Question asked by Ray White - 10/24/2014 at 1:32 PM
Hi I have mcafee installed on my server and in smarter mail I have clamav turned on. Does that create a conflict? I see that mcafee is occasionally deleting the temp files that are created for clamav to scan. Does that work ok? Is this giving me double protection or is it just causing a problem?

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It is recommended to only use one AV at a time.  While It is uncommon there is a chance there may be a conflict between the two systems.
Bruce Barnes Replied
In addition to what Brian stated in his response, no external antivirus tool should ever directly access any item in any SmarterMail directory.   External AV programs should only be called via the command line tool in SmarterMail.
If external AV programs are allowed to directly scan SmarterMail you will probably loose e-mail and have other issues caused by file locks.
This issue has been discussed several times previously in the Forums.
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Steve Reid Replied
Just add exceptions in mcafee for your smartermail folders.
ClamAV is only for scanning emails processed through Smartermail.
Of course you should also have an antivirus software installed to monitor your server. I do not think the response marked as answer is accurate.

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