After Installing SmarterStats Remote Service, how do you know it's working?
Question asked by Frank Osako - October 22, 2014 at 9:55 AM
I installed SmarterStats Remote Service on a remote web server that I have been pulling logs from for a while now.  My thought was that using the SS Remote Service would be more efficient than having the MRS pull the logs.  But I'm left wondering how do I know it's working?
I do have SS Enterprise 9.x
  1. I installed the Remote service (defaults).
  2. MRS sees the remote server
  3. Remote server logs come up but nothing but install activity is showing up.
  4. UNC log share is available; read only
  5. Logs pull and show up fine after requesting to re-pull log files for an account that is known to have good logs.
Any other info please ask.
Thank you ahead of time for your help,

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Frank - Did you ever find a solution to this?  I see the same "Secure Link Broken" status after moving my installlation to my new web server.  The High/Current/Low are set at 0/0/0. 
I tried Rod's suggestion for stopping the remote service and running C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterStats\Service\ResetSecureLink.bat file.  The bat flashes up a window (too fast to read).  When I restart the service...there's no difference - it's still Secure Link Broken.
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Hi Jane - If you are still having issue with the remote service after running the utility login to the server that has the remote service and stop the SmarterStats service, then edit the ServerSettings.xml and find the  <ServiceKey xmlns=""> and delete the key.  Then start the SmarterStats service.  It could take up to an hour depending on the size of your install but then the key should regenerate and the remote service should start working.

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