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Idea shared by Sergio Zozulenko - 10/22/2014 at 9:09 AM
With one of our brands, we require users to register their product for support. We have imported over 80,000 customer records into SmarterTrack, they show in the users list and have their custom fields. This is all great.
We noticed that when we are creating a Ticket and start inputting the email address, it will produce a drop down list of the known email addresses that are registered user's in SmarterTrack.
However, in Call Logs we don't see this same functionality. Users have the ability to send in email tickets or call in, but in either case need to be verified registered users.
If they call in, how can an Agent check to see if they are registered? They don't have access to the user list in Settings. Advanced Search has no ability to just search through users. If they don't have a ticket or call log, there's no way to pull them up. That we can find.
I imagine the philosphy behind it is callers don't need to be registered users. But, my question is why can't we have this search consistancy between all portions of SmarterTrack. Chat, Tickets, Call Logs. All should have the ability to verify against the registered user list.
Can we request a way for Agents to verify users? Or, have the same functionality of Tickets with the drop-down list implemented into the Call Logs email field?
Is there another way to get to the User Details page, other than waiting for a ticket to be created so you can highlight the email address and choose User Details to bring up their history?
There really should be a search just made for user history searching on a global level, not just a separate Advanced Search for each of the 3 sections of SmarterTrack.
Our work-around (which is very time consuming and not efficient at all) is when the call log is open, open a new ticket window and try typing the email address in there to see if it comes up, before continuing with the call. As you can see this is less than ideal.
Looking forward to any responses or suggestions.
Thank you for your time.        

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Has this been addressed?
Nope, totally ignored.
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Hello All,
The drop down list of known emails for Call Logs will be released with the next minor of SmarterTrack11x. 
Thank you,

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