Createticket API - email only contains blank content
Problem reported by Frank Cheung - 10/20/2014 at 11:26 AM
I recently upgraded to the latest version of Track and we found that the create ticket API is not working properly on the new version.
We've been using the API to create plain text ticket, ie. we set isHTML to false.  It's been working great before the upgrade.

After the upgrade, the ticket gets created but the email content is blank.  In the Track UI, i'll see the content but the email doesn't contain anything.
Any idea?

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Hello Frank,
Thanks for the information. I wanted to confirm that I tested this on my local copy of the SmarterTrack 10.4.5438.23955 build. I did not see any issues with the API [CreateTicket]. The email displays in the ticket.  Please consider submitting a Support Ticket if you have not already and we can review this further.

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