Backup MX at same location issues
Problem reported by Steve Reid - October 16, 2014 at 8:43 AM
I have one backup mx setup locally to my main Smartermail server, however it always responds with no such user.
I have a third backup mx offsite which seems to work fine.
Yesturday my main box went down because of Smartermails service crash, however no email was collected on my backup mxes.
I guess the email tried to go to my second backup mx which responded with no such user. And thats where it ended, nothing was sent to my third backup mx.
I do not know where to look to find clue as to why my secondary backup is not working...
any pointers would be great.

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User verification is defiantly not working at all... No matter what I get no such user here.
I've had to switch it to domain forwarder without user verification before it will say recipient OK
This turned out to be a DNS issue. After correcting a problem with MX records everything began working properly.
Thanks for the help Support!!!

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