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Question asked by Daniel Sproul - 2/24/2014 at 11:00 AM
How do you change the footer in V10 to our company information?

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Hello Daniel,
        Currently it is not possible, we will be discussing adding more flexibility to the portal though, for custom CSS.
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You could modify the footer using CSS by going to the CustomCSS tab in the brand's settings page. For example, the following CSS line will target the footer and apply the 'display: block' attribute.
footer {display: block;}
You could also append text before or after the footer by using:
footer .col-md-10:before {content:"My Company Name"; display:block; margin-bottom:8px;}
Just replace "My Company Name" with the text you want to appear in the footer. If you'd prefer for the information to appear below the footer then use:
footer .col-md-10:after {content:"My Company Name";}
You may want to add additional CSS attributes to style it how you would like for it to be displayed. To help get you going, please refer to this KnowledgeBase article on the subject:

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