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Problem reported by Patrick Mangan - October 8, 2014 at 8:27 AM
I have a user who set her auto-responder using the date range for last week.  It is still replying even though its not on.  Its showing as completely off in her settings.  I've tried turning it back on and then back off again, with no change.  Still get her auto reply from last week.   Has anyone seen this?
Smartermail Enterprise 12.4.5364

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Try completely stopping the SmarterMail service via Windows services and then restarting.
You should also check your SmarterMail and windows server logs to see if there's any indication as to what's going on.
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Hi Bruce, restarting the service didn't change anything, and nothing looks out of the ordinary in any logs that I'm seeing.
Maybe the autoresponder was set in her client?
It was definitely in smartermail - the message is the exact one that was set in there that is still being set.  I did hop on her computer and checked and nothing was set in outlook.  
If settings do not stick in Smartermail then maybe there is a permissions problem on the XML files in the service directory?

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