How to execute Auto-clean for testing
Question asked by mlloret - 10/7/2014 at 8:22 AM
IS there a way to force Auto-Clean to execute? Or when and how is it scheduled to run?

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There is not a way to manually force the Auto-Clean rules to take place within SmarterMail.  As for how and when these run, it is a scheduled thread that runs every 10 minutes.  
One thing to note is that for an auto-clean task to be applied to a mailbox, a message does need to be received to that location.  For example if you have an auto-clean rule setup for the 'inbox' of an account, no auto-clean rules will be applied to existing messages until a email is received to that folder.
Ankit Vahnesha Replied
Michael Free,
I had check it with folder auto clean.it is not working smartermail 13.1 for inbox 30 days age.

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