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Idea shared by Leo Furze-Waddock - October 7, 2014 at 3:33 AM
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Are there any plans to add social media integration features to SmarterTrack?
If so, when do you expect to add them to a stable release?

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Hello? SmarterTrack team are you listening?
Zendesk has integration such that questions can be asked in Facebook and replied to from within the Zendesk site. Support is a fantastic way to get our users to join our Facebook community and Facebook pushing posts to our client's news feeds is a great way to keep them engaged and our brand top-of-mind. We use to push our Smartertrack news RSS feed to Twitter and Facebook automatically now, but it is still a challenge to get our users to join our Facebook group. Forcing them to use Facebook or Twitter to ask their questions would overcome this problem.
We as well will be moving to Front for their seamless social integration. This is now a critical channel to have in a helpdesk software.
I have successfully manage social media integration with SmarterTrack using But it was required some extra programming code since it was using ST API web services to be able to connect. 
The smooch also require paid subscription but it can handle FB messenger, Line, wechat, zendesk, Twitter DM and many other stuff. But if ST does not require third party software, that would be great. 
Derek Curtis Replied
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Those of you looking for social integration: how are you anticipate it working? Let me give you some scenarios:
  1. Do you use a third-party product like Hoosuite for managing your brand across social channels? If so, would you want a plug-in for that product that allows you to take an item from a channel and turn it into a ticket? What product(s) are you using if different than Hootsuite? SproutSocial? Buffer?
  2.  Would you want to use SmarterTrack to manage social networks, and then be able to turn an item into a ticket from there? 
  3. Would you want to create another item in SmarterTrack from a social post? Like a Task or a KB article? 
  4. Would you want to use SmarterTrack as JUST a monitoring product? So you could see your feeds in SmarterTrack but you wouldn't be able to DM or reply to a channel? 
  5. Beyond the basics -- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ (maybe) -- what others interest you? Amazon reviews? Reddit? YouTube?
I'm just trying to get a handle on how you'd want this to work. Some products simply offer plugins for third-party products, others provide monitoring.
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