SmarterMail to SmarterMail Mailbox Migration
Question asked by Sarah Weinberger - September 29, 2014 at 12:19 PM
How would I perform a mailbox inclusive off all sub-folders under the Inbox on a mail account from SmarterMail on a server to another mail account on a different server? (I am migrating servers.)
I saw this link, however the migration tool (Settings | My Settings | Advanced Settings | Migration Tool) conspicuously misses a SmarterMail option in the dropdown list leaving only "Other" as a valid option. if I use that option, I can import only the Inbox root. That is fine, if I have maybe 1 or 2 subfolders, but I have quite a few. Is there any other method to migrate?

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This is best done via the file system. Zip up the accounts folder and unzip it over top of the user you created and the restart the service.
the question is similar to the one I'd have; we need to migrate a domain (140 email-adresses) from one smarterMail-server to another smarterMail-server (both professional version, maybe not the same smarterMail-version at the moment);
what is the best way to
> create automatically the users on the new server (with their complete configurations)?
> copy the actual mail-data from all the users (of this domain) to the new server?
we wouldn't like to create manually 140 email-adresses and the mail-retrieval from one server to another one doesn't work for so many addresses;
any ideas how to manage it a simpler way? filecopy is enough? which directory do we need to copy to the new server? is the configuration of the 140 users automatical, copying certain files to the new server? could there be version problems? should we install the new version on the old server?
If i have a costumer that already uses Smartermail in other ISP, how can i migrate Emails, calendar, notes, contacts, etc?
(Note: My costumer haven't access to the server files)

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