Hitting Return in Safari Moves Cursor to Top
Problem reported by Jason Cross - September 29, 2014 at 9:06 AM
Hello.  We are running Smartermail 12.4.5364.  When a Safari user (Mac) is composing an email using webmail, every time they hit enter, the cursor jumps back to the top of the editor.

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Robert Emmett Replied
Employee Post
This was a bug with the CKEditor.  They have recently published a fix for the bug that we have integrated into SmarterMail and that we are currently testing.  The fix will be included in the next minor update.

A workaround, you can press SHIFT-ENTER or if the cursor is placed before the last character, then CR/LF works "properly."
Robert Emmett
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SmarterTools Inc.
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That has been driving me crazy for the past week or so too! Thanks for the post, now I know it's not something I accidentally changed in my computer settings or Smartermail settings.
I hope it get fixed soon, it's so annoying.
Do you have a timeline on the next minor release?
I've been seeing this issue in Safari 8 myself and now that OS X Yosemite is out and going, we might be getting more people having trouble with this.
Same problem here.  Thanks Robert Emmett for giving us the SHIFT-ENTER workaround! 
Has this issue ever been resolved. It is present on Safari 7.1.4
It is SmarterMail Enterprise 12.4 running on Inno-Tech email server.
Yes, it was resolved shortly after I posted my message.  Currently we are running SM Ent 13.3 and the issue doesn't exist.

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