Possible corruption? Can't send via SMTP
Problem reported by Scott Howell - 9/28/2014 at 12:38 PM
I can login to the webmail with password xxx. As an admin when I do "Show Password" for the account it will occasionally revert to password yyy. Even when it shows this I can login to the webmail with xxx.
When sending via SMTP I have wiresharked the connection and no matter which password I use it shows as an invalid password. I can reset the password as an admin and it will show the new one, but no matter what I do this account can not send via SMTP. Both in and out SMTP is enabled on the account in Service Access. 
This is basically an account I use for all my network scanners for years now. The password has never changed, and the strange thing is the yyy password it reverts to on occasion is another users password. 
Any ideas? 

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