Greylisting - Anyone who has already sent you an email
Question asked by Adrian Pope - 9/26/2014 at 4:52 PM
I just enabled "Greylisting" for a server that has been running several years.  I had not enabled Greylisting in the past because we were not getting much spam.  However recently we enabled Greylisting.  But there is a line in the documentation that is a bit confusing. "Anyone who has already sent you an email", is there a way to clear out this list?  Since we are receiving repeat spam.. this line would time me that those spam email senders would continue to pass through without ever getting greylisted.  Is there a way to reset this history of email addresses that have sent you and email?
System administrators should note that the following cases are exempt from greylisting:
  • Whitelisted IPs for SMTP or Greylisting
  • Anyone who authenticates (includes SMTP Auth Bypass list)
  • Trusted senders
  • Anyone who has already sent you an email
  • Any IP in the greylistBypass.xml file

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Paul Jamieson Replied
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I don't think you have anything to worry about.  That highlighted section refers to the lists that are created when greylisting is turned on and Smartermail then starts to manage the recipient/sender/sender IP greylisting list.  It doesn't exist until greylisting is switched on.
Adrian Pope Replied
Perfect, that should be added to the documentation. Thanks for the answer.
Bruce Barnes Replied
Here's an in-depth explanation of Greylisting: http://www.greylisting.org/
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