Prospects of fixing the Advanced Search?
Problem reported by Serge Baranovsky - 9/24/2014 at 3:02 PM
It's been over 3 months now since you guys released v10.1.5283 the Advanced Search has been broken and Joseph has admitted that other people reported the same problem - Advanced Search was not working properly anymore, email search was broken, other searches return weird unexpected results, no tickets prior to the upgrade date to v10.1.5283 show up in the search results nor in the User Details.
You have released several updates since then but no mention of the Advanced Search fixes - it still does not work!
Any idea when you will be able to get this working again?
(My apologies, I'm a little frustrated right now - I see you are all excited working to improve the new Community feature that you added recently. This is all great but you can't ignore the broken features that are ESSENTIAL to your product!)
Thank you!

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Steve Reid Replied
If you want things fixed in the fastest time then open a ticket.
Tim Uzzanti Replied
Employee Post
Broken is relative.  For most searches it is accurate.  We error on returning too many results and part of the problem is how we index and use root words etc.  When you have customers with installations of 1000+ agents and you can have hundreds of thousands of tickets and they can search almost any attribute of a ticket, live chat, or call log etc..  a lot effort is put into making sure the results are returned almost immediately.  
We have ideas on how to better approach this in upcoming versions.  For example, were going to take into account the size of the installation and amount of data and change some algorithms dynamically.  Right now, if responses of a ticket are modified, only the original response was indexed.  So if a word was in a response and then removed before it was sent, it would look like a false result in search results.  Re-indexing all drafts and edited responses can be somewhat taxing in large installations.  So, there is a need to re-evaluate but the solution isn't simple.
There are a couple things that we are looking at for a minor but a majority of our changes will be made in the next major.
Tim Uzzanti
Tim Uzzanti CEO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Serge Baranovsky Replied
Hi Tim,

Thank you for marking this as "Being Fixed"!

Yes, I'm aware of the relativity of "broken" for a complex feature like search.

What I'm talking about is though very essential part of the search - no results returned more often than not when I know the tickets are there; not being able to search by email address anymore as well as no tickets found/indexed prior to the upgrade date to v10.1.5283 - these all used to work until 10.1.5283.

Look forward to the search fixes!

Serge Baranovsky Replied
Since this is in the Being Fixed status, I wanted to check if on the off chance this has been addressed in the v10.3.5409 update? Not quite clear from the Release Notes 
Tobias Salzmann Replied
This topic is still not fixed... Smartertrack does not offer ANY search!!! That is really frustrating. I just want to find a ticket which contains a single word. And that is not possible at all. I get no results or tens of false hits.... Unbelievable...
We are not living in 2015 and any tool working with mass data should provide at least the minimal search requirements of finding entries based on a single word!!!!!
And I am arguing with Smartertools since months and they just ignore my request...

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