default font for emails and email RTL
Idea shared by hamed khadem - September 21, 2014 at 4:57 AM
we use smarterTrack 10, we use persian language that is a right to left language for our portal, but when we want to send reply to a ticket it goes with Arial font while we need Tahoma font and also email receive at destination(gmail or yahoo or ...) Left to right! how could we solve these problems?

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Hi Hamed,
I have written this one down and will be bringing it up for discussion at an upcoming development meeting. Thank you for the feedback and suggestion.
Hello guys,
we are using SmarterTrack in Version 13 now. We are looking for this option as well, because it´s very time consuming to change the font and size everytime you write a reply.
Is there any new status to this feature request?
Andrew Barker Replied
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In version 13, you can now specify a default font for each brand. The default font will apply when creating a new ticket message, or when creating or editing a KB article, news item, community post (though currently not comments) - basically anywhere that you have the ability to modify the font.
To specify your default font, simply edit a brand and select your default font.
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