Needs some assistance with ActiveSync/EWS and Outlook 2013
Question asked by Andrew Taylor - 2/6/2014 at 2:43 PM
Hey Everyone,
We are moving from Office 365 to SmarterMail and I am having a heck of a time with ActiveSync/EWS on Outlook 2013.  (Or any version of outlook actually).  Perhaps this is a miss understanding of the product, I am not sure.  Here is where I am at.
[x]  Smartermail is working
[x]  Mail is coming and going
[x]  iOS devices are syncing mail/calendar using activesync
[ ]  Outlook 2013 is syncing...  Nope
If we setup Outlook 2013 as IMAP it works fine for sending and receiving email.  But this doesn't help us with calendars at all.  So everyone is having to run both Outlook 2013 and the Web app so they can send invites and manage their calendars.  This really isn't going over well.  We have done the log into Smartermail, select calendar, and connect to Outlook, which works ok, except that now I have 2 calendars.  I can send invites from outlook using only my Outlook calendar and not my Smartermail calendar.  But then smartermail isn't tracking responses. 
Try and try as I might.  I can't get Outlook 2013 to see Smartermail as "Exchange".  My auto discovery works, but it's just responding back as IMAP/POP/SMTP and not actually giving the correct exchange response.  If I try and manually create the account in Outlook, it says it can't connect to Exchange.
I could really use some guidance, anyone have any ideas?

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Hello Andrew,
Thank you for your inquiry. If you have not resolved this issue yet please let us know. We would recommend reviewing the Knowledge Base article on configuring ActiveSync.
Please keep in mind that there are some known issues with connectivity and it is advised to be running SmarterMail's current release of version 12.x or 13.x  We have observed difficulty for those who are using a Windows 2003 server apposed to a server 2008 or server 2012 which are supported platforms.
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Hi Andrew,
Just to add on to Joseph's response, Outlook 2007 and higher will return an IMAP connection with autodiscover.  
Also, are you using SSL on your SmarterMail installation?  MS Outlook 2013 requires this for ActiveSync. 

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