Sync Drafts via Activesync
Idea shared by Steve Reid - 9/19/2014 at 5:34 AM
I would like Activesync to also sync Drafts. Many times I will be working on an email through outlook 2013 at the office. When I get home I want to finish up the email, but I have no access to it.

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Thought this would be more popular
Robert Emmett Replied
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The current EAS protocol specifications (MS-ASCMD) states that "Clients SHOULD NOT synchronize the Drafts folder."  In fact, Outlook and Office 365 are explicitly blocking drafts sync.  Microsoft is continually improving the EAS protocol, and if it is supported in the future, SmarterTools will implement it as well.  
Here is an interesting MSDN community thread discussing this topic (especially read the answers from Microsoft).
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According to this article, EAS v16 now supports syncing the Drafts folder. Is this something Smartermail can add?
This is an old thread and now it appears EAS does support syncing Drafts. Which version of EAS is smartermail using now, and is this now supported somehow?
Yeah, I'm subscribed to this topic because we would like to see Drafts Folder sync support too.
+1 for syncing the Drafts folder!
Maybe we should open another thread for this request, since this tread has already been marked as Declined?
I've posted a new topic at Please subscribe and vote. Thanks.
done - thank you!