More friendly ticket numbering format
Idea shared by Michael Breines - September 17, 2014 at 8:53 AM
In 2011 we requested a more friendly ticket number format would be very useful (ie. 1234-56789) rather than the current lengthy and confusing letter and numbering system.
That post can be found here:
Also it seems this had been requested as far back as version 4 of Smarter Track:
But still no progress.
We find the Smarter Track ticket number format to be confusing and hard for folks to read back. Hopefully this idea can gain some more traction soon.

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Any updates to this?
Or how about embedding the ticket number in the header and not the subject line?
Everyone gets scared by the long and wacky number in the subject. So many other tools hide the ticket or show a friendlier numbering format.

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