"Ticket Created" event #body# formatting issue
Problem reported by HGEA IT Manager - 9/17/2014 at 2:00 AM
I have a "Ticket Created" system event set up to send an email when the event is triggered. In the body of the email, I am using the new #body# tag that is available. My users use Outlook 2010 to send requests into the system and Outlook of course creates its own HTML markup to handle formatting.
When I receive the notification email from the event, Outlook does not show the #body# properly and I see a bunch of header/CSS info before seeing the actual body of the request.
I use the #body# similarly with replies to tickets as well (using Ticket Message Received event), and SmarterTrack seems to strip out all the random header HTML from that #body# tag. Is there a way to make the "Ticket Created" event do the same thing?

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Eric Wells Replied
We have the same issue. We use the events to notify various higher level administrators so we can keep on eye on the tickets, but the issue makes the body of the ticket very difficult to read.
Would be interested in a fix as well.
Nicholas Kirlew Replied
Yes I am seeing this, no response from support?
Billhighway IT Replied
Did we ever see a solution provided for this?
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello.  The #body# variable is currently working as expected.
Nicholas Kirlew Replied
Hello Rod,
Has something changed since September 2014? Do we need to update version to get rid of the problem?

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